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Below you will find a link to an index of common names for the other articles which have appeared on this site and links to the articles themselves. You also can click on the top three links to find pieces I've written for Dave's Garden, eHow, and SFGate.

Please keep in mind that--with the exception of the Dave's Garden ones--those off-site articles have been heavily edited by other people, so they may not sound like me. However, I usually can vouch for the information they contain!

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Index of Common Names


Garden Plants of 1730

Peerless Peach

Okay with Okra

Homespun Hickory Nut

Mouth-Watering Watermelon

Mottled Mountain Laurel

Respectable Rhododendron

Enigmatic Eggplant

Sunny Senna

Hardy Heartleaf

Vaunted Valerian

Chary Chestnut

Castigated Castor Bean

Lasting Lantana

The Butterflies' Bush

Nationalistic Nasturtium

Yack about Yucca

Bewitching Bellflowers

Peppy Peppers

Sumptuous Stock

Pistachios: Eating O' the Green

Alluring Love-in-a-Mist

Poetic Pomegranate

Jostling Juniper

Hanging in There with Hoyas

Phosphorescent Portulaca

Mortal Marigold

Generous Gerbera

Costly Cotton

Friendly Feverfew

Mendacious Mock Orange

Passed-Over Pasque Flower

Ancient Acanthus

Bourgeois Begonia

Blazing Bayberry

Crunchy Celery

Zesty Zinnias

Cooling Black Cohosh

Enlivening Lemon Balm

Evasive Evening Primrose

Glamorous Gardenia

Hoary Horehound

Capricious Corydalis

Elusive Freesia

Difficult Daphne

Alluring Anise

Modish Moth Orchid

Comely Cosmos

Medieval Medlar

Gladiator Gladiolus

Rambling and Brambling Blackberry

Geum: Blessed Garden Gem

Magical Mayapple

The Willow that Weeps

Woeful Wormwood

Bewitching Witchhazel

Fenugreek: The Literal Hayseed

Contorted Citron

Ubiquitous Eucalyptus

Barbed and Barred Barberry

The Deadliest Nightshade

Chicory Chicanery

Haughty Hydrangea

Soothing Meadowsweet

Matey Yerba Mate

Omnipresent Onion

Sarsaparilla: Saint or Sinner?

Mercurial Myrtle

Rustic Roots: Parsnips & Turnips

Dateless Dates

Striking Streptocarpus

The Bittersweet Season

A Dash of Horseradish

Fetid Asafetida

Tenacious Tansy

Forward Juneberry

Hard-Hearted Hawthorn

Elusive Lady's Slipper

Humble Grape Hyacinth

Amaranthus: Love Lies Seeding

Copious Kalanchoe

Cherished Christmas Cactus

Persistent Persimmon

Munificent Mulberry

Questionable Quince

Armored Artichoke

Mullin' on Mullein

Weeping Wisteria

Keen as Mustard

Aspiring Asparagus

Oxalis: the Sour Shamrock

Ever Lovin' Lovage

Trendy Turmeric

Contrary Cyclamen

Summing Up Sumac

Rustic Rudbeckia

Pye in the Sky

Calm Calla

Explosive Clematis

Swarming Sweet Rocket

Dogwood Days

Transient Trilliums

Stalwart Snowdrops

Lickerish Licorice

Sunny Citrus

Angelic Angelica

Aloe: A "Vera" Versatile Lily

Franklinia: The Lost Camellia

Curious Colchicum

Deluxe Dahlia

Plebian Petunia

Redolent Rockrose

Waiting Wallflower

Dreamy Jasmine

Heady Heliotrope

Snappy Impatiens

Mum's the Word

Poisonous Poke

Goldenrod Galore

Bold Borage

Halcyon Honeysuckle

The Peaceable Olive

Restoring Oregano

Belligerent Basil

Sappy Maple

Generous Geranium

Amorous Amaryllis

Fascinating Fungi

Goober Peas

Silky Milkweed

Cool as a Cucumber

Frilly Fuchsia

Perverse Parsley

Calming Chamomile

Phenomenal Fritillaria

The Mighty Oak

Faithful Fennel

Wintry Wintergreen

Poinsettia Points

Peerless Pineapple

Thyme to Start

Rosemary for Remembrance

Sad Mary: Pot Marigold

Petrifying Poison Ivy

Through the Grapevine

Queen Anne's Carrot

Ravishing Raspberry

Fearsome Foxglove

Invigorating Watercress

A Passion for Passionflower

Colonizing Coltsfoot

Literal Bleeding Hearts

Coffee Cravings

Give a Fig

Pear: a Perry Classy Fruit

Malign Monkshood

Languorous Waterlily

Amazing Maize

A Bowl of Cherries

Crucial Cranesbill

Lilliputian Lily of the Valley

Luscious Lilies

Shamrocks: Luck O' the Clovers

Ancient Anemone

Controversial Coneflower

Christmas Spices

The Great Pumpkin and Kin

Mad Mandrake

Goldenseal's Golden Season

Sunflower: Garden Giant

Worth a Mint

Straying Strawberry

Moonstruck Peony

Longing Lilacs

Heady Hyacinths

Love Leaves: Clingy Burdock

Morning's Glory

A Green Christmas

Tea-sing Camellia

Gilded Ginseng

You Say Tomato

Datura: Angel's Trumpet or Devil's Apple?

Perky Poppies

Rustic Rhubarb

Iris: the Militant Fleur de Lis

Divine Dianthus

Sassafras: Spice of Spring

Chocolate: Food of the Gods

Vanilla: the Orchid of Flavors

Hellebore: The Christmas Rose

Bouncing Bogberries: Cranberries and Blueberries

The Apple of His Eye

Saffron: Gold in a Crocus Cup

Tobacco: The Nasty Weed

Staunch Yarrow: The Military Herb

Divining Daisy

Dauntless Dandelion

A Tiptoe through the Tulips

Potato: Lunch O' the Irish

Primrose Paths

Mellow Mallows

Under the Mistletoe

Gentian Blues

Sage: Savory and Savior

Hale Hops

Enchanted Elder

Lady Lavender

Garlic: the Stinking (and Shielding) Rose

Viola Music: Pansies and Violets

Columbine: the Mourning Dove

The Dangerous Beauty of Narcissus

In Love and War: the Saga of the Rose

Grasping the Nettle


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